More Than Enough
Megan Little
wire, paper, light, thread

Accompanying poem by Megan Little:

More Than Enough

When you bite into a peach
in perfect ripeness and rivulets
of sweet life trickle down your chin
do you say, “this is enough”?

I have heard some say my love
for humanity is nothing more
than kindness and a desire
for you to be more lovable.

This is nonsense.

Have you not heard
how my prophets speak of me?
If I were a human lover
you’d say I was too much.
Over the top. Crazy
to run after my beloved
even when they are bitter
and hard as a nut.

Your problem is that you only
sample my love like a picky eater
refusing half their plate.

Am I not more than enough?

Have I not created this extravagant
masterpiece of a world full of
a thousand fruits for you to feast on
like a flock of birds in autumn?

Come, let us not reason together,
for your reasoning falls
far too short of my glory.