Hunger and Thirst

Hunger and Thirst
wire, paper, thread, aluminum, shells, stones, glass

Poem by Megan Little, Written to Accompany the Sculpture

Hunger and Thirst

Some treasures are visible only from
a thousand feet above. Mounds of
dust and rock, the sculpted relics of
ancient wanderers on the land.

Others can be passed from hand
to hand as foot follows foot
up trying mountain slopes,
like a key or a half-spoken prayer.

Some houses, like stalled love stories, stand
vacant and exposed. Built for laughter and
dancing feet, swept bare by passing sandstorms,
waiting in empty pages for a plot twist.

This wilderness is a hungry place.
Will we let our empty meet God’s full?

Before hanging curtains in the windows,
this God walks down into the heart of the earth
where glittering beauty reforms the foundation
in a song, ancient as stars, seeding new life.

Rocks and shards of glass are lifted,
and a breeze, smelling of blooming flowers and
close jungle rain, sweeps out all the
dry and lonely corners of this house.

Some treasures lie on their backs,
like children in the badlands,
making up stories for the clouds that
form and reform a thousand feet above.

This sculpture is available for purchase.