Green Hope Moss

Green Hope Moss
wire, paper, string, thread, beads

The following video is a recording of me reading the poem along with images of the sculpture. There is a short introduction as I made this video to be shared in a virtual church service on Holy Saturday, 2021, shortly after another COVID19 lockdown in my area.

Green Hope Moss

green web of moss
painting a delicate lace
of hope over my loss.
life stilled. heartbeat the pace
of stones in the shade.
at this rate time will wait.

remember. remember the tug
of chaotic waters rushing,
tumbling me end-over-end in a hug
of crowding hurry, pushing
me toward music overlaid
with laughter at the city gate.

God, my rock who turns
my heart into flesh,
the sorrow of this plague burns
holes in the delicate mesh
of my soul. are you not swayed
by my cries? not drawn to their weight?

here I sit in the still
of soft green hope moss
remembering a future that will fill
these sketchy lines of loss
with growing joy. I wade
into your love, never too late.