Dance Across this Jordan Way

Dance Across this Jordan Way
Megan Little
wire, paper, metal, yarn, sea glass, beads

song by Megan Little, written to accompany the sculpture:

Dance Across this Jordan Way
We, we’ve been waiting by this Jordan for so long.
When, when will you lead us, to the promised land?

verse one
With hearts full of sand
our story stuck on slabs of stone
our confidence sifting through our hands
with desert winds we groan,
“How long? How long?
Will you leave us here forever?"

Oh YHWH, shine upon us.
Let your light within blaze forth
through these stained-glass bones
turning water into rainbow steppingstones,
that we as in a child’s game
may dance across this Jordan way.

verse two
A jumbled reflection,
our frail lives like broken glass
yet worn smooth by waves of your affection.
With rising hope we ask,
“How long? How long?
When will we see your face?”

verse three
We’re not of our own making;
a mosaic fused by the Love of One
whose holy Word birthed the songs of stars.
In strength of joy we laugh,
“How long? How long?
Till your children are revealed?"

Song Lyrics by Megan Little